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James and Joan Anderson
Elizabeth M. Armstrong
Franco and Nicole Azzopardi
Curt and Joan Anderson
Carl Bachman
John and Lynn Benson
Stephanie Blevins and Clint Krumm
Mike and Joell Blevins
Stephanie Bartron-Miscione
Flora Bloom
John Douglas and Sally Bokal
Tim and Linda Butler
Joseph and Donna Carlino
Robert Carreon 
Carolyn Castagna
Christopher and Emily Collins
June and Gregory Crane
Walter and Catherine Currie
Alice Davidson
Chris Cragin Day
Lucia Dexter
Linda Douglas
Margi Sharp Douglas
George Drance
George Drance, Sr
Gregory and Christine Drance
Christopher Drance
Daniel and Lisa Drance
Michael and Patricia Drance
Bixby Elliot
Richard and Diane Ellis
Dennis and Mary Fales
Nancy Fava
Carol Ferrone
Helen Elizabeth Garfield
Sabrina Gatlin
William and Peggy Gissendanner
Violet Gonsoulin
Denise and Marc Gordon
Melanie Gustafson
Janice and Duncan Harris
Regina Hawkey
Judith Hozore

David Iverson
Jens Iverson
Adelaide Iverson
Peter and Kaaren Iverson
Jeanie James
Alvin and Georgia Jensen
Kathy Jensen and Audie Blevins
Sara Jensen
Karl and Celia Jensen
Cliff and Lonna Jensen
Cliff and Lonnie Jensen
Karen and George Johnson
Tom Johnson
Yolanda Johnson-Vogelzang
Amy Radil and Martin Kaste
Anne Kirkwood
Sonia W. Kovadloff
Helene Kostra
Tricia and David Leech
Laurie Lieberman
Marilyn Lyttle
Elizabeth Malone
Marilyn D. Mapes
Julia Martin
A.H. McNeill
Frank and Allison Mihelich
David and Mary Kay Miller
Harry and Susan Morgan
Jennifer Morgan
Michael and Regina Morrow
Roy Murphy
Elizabeth Mutton
Vera Ames and Robert Mutton
Holly B. Mutton
David Mutton
Susan K. Mutton
MaryElla Payne and Neal Neuberger
Felicity Nussbaum
Jane Page
Jack Payne
Nance Payne
Mary Ella Payne
Ellen and Robert Roller

Sheila Ross
Mary Rothschild
Jim and Sunny Rush
Monique Saunders
Michael F. Schaffer
Paul and Peggy Schubert
Jennifer Sharp and Robert Thielthelm
Barbara Schubert
Vinay Shah
Jordin Ruderman and Kevin Shand
Joel and Winifred Sharp
Kyle Sims
Robert Simonson
Rebecca and David Slater
Alice R. Sleight
Kathleen Stokes
Chen-Li Sung
Joy Surdam
Corey Szopinski
Eric Trenkamp
Bryan and Lisa Taylor
Roy Thomas Murphy
Lisa Uebelacker and Matt Townsend
Fred and Louise Trost
Mary Anne Weinstein
Kira and Chris Wages
Gilly Youner
Ella Zedeno
Margaret Zenoni
Winifred Johnson Clive Foundation
The Jim Henson Foundation
The Puffin Foundation
The Nancy Quinn Foundation
14th Street Jesuit Community
St. Jean Baptiste High School
Fordham Jesuit Community
New York Province of the Society of Jesus
Marquette Jesuit Associates
Jesuit Conference, Inc.
Knights of Columbus
Fordham University
St. Peter’s College

In Kind Donations:
Notre Dame School
The Shakespeare Project, Inc.
Materials for the Arts
Brian Diaz Photography
Gramercy Park Flowers
Park Avenue Deli


Special Thanks to: Brian Diaz, Press Photographer; The Field; Arts Action Research; the New York Alliance of Resident Theaters.

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